K'Tizo Tea invites you to
WAKE UP to the world of premium loose-leaf teas
SAVOR one of our creative blends or
ENJOY your own creation
K'Tizo Teas come in a delicious bouquet of styles including black, oolong, green, white, dark, artisan, herbal, rooibos, and mate. Our herbals include a dozen delightful tisanes such as ginger root, lemongrass, peppermint, and chamomile as well as many delicately balanced blends. 


To Your Health


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Every cup of K'Tizo Tea is brimming with healthful benefits. Teas have long been used for:
- Reducing stress
- Maintaining a healthy weight
- Improving skin tone
- Providing antioxidants
Learn more: Tea Talk & Tips or read The 6 Amazing Benefits of Tea


K'Tizo Teas make the perfect gift for any occasion. Check out our Teas of the Season Club or do your corporate and holiday shopping online. We specialize in custom orders. You can also browse our Gifts department for fun tea accessories.


Enjoy a soothing cup of tea any time day or night with one of our caffeine-free herbal tisanes. Or you can jazz up your regular tea with a tasty tisane and create your own blend. Get creative! 
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