What is a Cultural Arts Café?

The intricacies of culture are often so habitual and unconscious that it is easy to be completely unaware of your own cultural heritage, let alone the various, vibrant cultures around the world.

To some, it is much more shocking to realize that these vibrant cultures exist in pockets of nearby towns and cities – practically “on their own doorstep”.

Café K’Tizo’s intent as a Cultural Arts Café is to promote engagement with other cultures in order to encourage communities.

Engaging with other cultures creates opportunities to learn about other ways of thinking and behaving that might be completely unexpected.

Comparing and contrasting aspects of a different culture to your own culture will broaden your mind, and change the way that you see the world. You might be surprised at how much you can learn from a community that is a great distance away, and you might also be surprised at how many shared values and interests there are across oceans and language differences.

Drinking tea in a cafe

One aspect of culture that is near to our hearts is the art of hospitality, because it is such a big part of tea cultures from around the world. Learning about other people’s hospitality practices can give you some cool ideas on how to welcome your own guests, and can help you to solve or even avoid conflicts altogether when you find that your expectations don’t align with someone else’s expectations. Cross-cultural communication takes a certain amount of patience, understanding, and humility. A “my way or the highway” attitude won’t get you very far!

While travel is often thought of as the main way to experience a new culture, you might find that you might learn more from people that live in your same town! Think of yourself as a “Culture Tourist”, not limited to an itinerary and a return date. There will always be new things to learn and new things to share with others.

We are excited to explore different cultural arts from around the world at Café K’Tizo, focusing, of course, on the art of tea around the world, with many cultures adding their own distinctive flair.

If you would like to share an art unique to your culture, please let us know! Send us a message along with a brief description of a cultural art (this includes all the arts literary, musical, as well as pottery, drawing…) that you have experience or expertise.

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