How to Make Iced Tea Easily

Steeping Iced Tea One Cup at a Time

Looking for a single serving of your favorite iced tea? It can be ready in minutes!

  1. First, figure out what size cup you will be using and how much tea that size requires (depends on what kind of tea you’re making – check out the chart on the back of our bags of loose leaf tea). If you’re making a 16oz black iced tea, you will need 2 tsp loose leaf black tea.
  2. Steep the amount of tea required in half of the water (at the appropriate temperature & amount of time). In our example, you would steep 2tsp black tea in 8oz of 205° water (just under boiling) for 3 minutes.
  3. After the tea is finished steeping, remove the infuser with the tea leaves and pour over ice to bring the total liquid amount up to the size of your cup. Stir & enjoy!

What Equipment Should I Use?

1. Filters or Infusers

Try using a disposable paper filter or one of our metal infusers for single servings, up to 24oz drinks. Make sure the tea leaves have enough room to expand!

2. Over the Top Tea Maker

Steep your tea in our Over the Top Tea Maker, then place over your cup with ice to let the concentrated tea pour out the bottom.

Over the Top Teamaker

3. Half Gallon Iced Tea Maker with Infuser

To make a larger amount of hot steeped iced tea, increase the amount of tea, but still only steep half the amount of water. For example, a half gallon (8 cups) of iced herbal tea requires 12 tsp herbal tea (1.5tsp per 8oz cup). Place the tea leaves in the removable filter, fill halfway with water that’s just under boiling, and allow to steep for 5-7 minutes. Remove the filter, then fill the rest of the container with ice. Half gallon too much? We also have a quart size version as well!

Iced Tea Maker with Infuser

Tips on Sweetening Iced Tea

Honey only dissolves in hot water, and other sugars and sweeteners tend to dissolve easier in hot water as well. You might want to sweeten your iced tea after you have steeped the concentrated tea, but before you add your ice.

How to Prevent Clouding

“Clouding” in iced teas happens when iced tea is slowly cooled in the fridge and the oils solidify. It’s not a bad sign, but if you would like to prevent this from happening simply pour your concentrated hot tea over ice as soon as it has finished steeping.

Cold Steeping Iced Tea

If you think of it ahead of time, cold steeping tea overnight in the fridge makes a delicious & easy iced tea! Simply pour cold water over your tea leaves, and let steep in the fridge overnight. We recommend 14-16 hours for black & green tea, and 16-18 hours for white, herbal & rooibos teas. Some iced tea carafes come with built in strainers, so you can strain the leaves as you pour your iced tea!

Mist Iced Tea Carafe

Try our *NEW* Cold Steep Iced Tea Pouches

If you’re looking for something quick & easy…

Each loose leaf tea “pouch” has enough tea for 1/2 gallon, with 6 pouches in each bag. Cold steep your tea overnight, or steep it hot and enjoy within minutes!

Choose from 4 of our Iced Tea Favorites

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Beat the Heat with Cooling Herbs

Some herbs and spices are known to have a “cooling” effect on the body. When consumed as an iced tea they are extremely refreshing and help to beat the heat!

Our peppermint is refreshing, strong and full bodied – and it’s organic & fair trade! Great on it’s own or as a compliment in another of your favorite stand alone teas.

Delightful organic, fair trade, sun-dried hibiscus flowers, providing a lovely deep red infusion with a taste close to tart lemonade. A dash of honey sweetens the flavor profile for those who  prefer less tartness.

Some of our most popular iced teas, in every category!

Black Tea

Nilgiri (organic) – For a great unflavored black iced tea!

Fruitful – A little bit of sugar makes the fruity flavors pop when iced!

Green Teas

Fruity or minty green teas are always great iced!

Gunpowder (organic) – Remember to “Awaken” the leaves before steeping – pour a small amount of hot water over the leaves and immediately discard, then continue with your hot or cold steeping method. This helps the leaves unfurl and lets you get the most flavor!

Moroccan Mint – Well-loved, culturally popular, lively combination of green tea with mint provides a flavorful, refreshing experience.

White & Oolong Teas

Fruity iced white & oolong teas are always recommended! 

Peachy Summer Fun White Tea – Fruity, naturally sweet from the chrysanthemum flowers, with an enticing taste of vanilla!

Taiwan Island Flowers Oolong – A delicious combination of tropical fruits and floral flavors.

Rooibos Tisanes

These are naturally caffeine free!

African Savannah – This refreshing blend of South African rooibos is sure to please. The pomegranate flavor has a sweetness to the mild nutty-earthiness of rooibos.

Berry Rooibos (organic) – Fair trade blend with a delightful array of flavor a bit of floral, with sweetness of elderberry and warm depth of rooibos. A personal favorite and one of our top sellers!

Iced Tea Lemonades

Our Lemon Love is Egyptian lemon peel that can be steeped and turned into a refreshing cup of lemonade – Just add sugar and lemon juice! To make 1/2 gallon lemonade, steep 1 TBSP Lemon Love in 1 qt water at 205° for 5 minutes. Add 1 c. sugar and 1 c. lemon juice.

Combine your Lemon Love Lemonade with any iced tea for a delicious and refreshing “K’Tizo Palmer” using a 1:1 ratio of iced tea to lemonade. You may need to add a little extra sugar if your taste runs sweet!

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