Green Tea Tips

“I just don’t like green tea. It’s bitter.”

This is a common response when we introduce our customers to green tea. We want to suggest that perhaps the green tea you have sampled before was not prepared properly.

All teas, but specifically green tea, while not difficult to prepare do require an added amount of attention to detail. Tea leaves are bursting with oily juices with complex aromatic and water-soluble compounds including both catechins, which have a bitter flavor, and theaflavins, which add balance, decrease astringency, and add a sweet flavor. Drying tea leaves both enhances and traps the desirable flavors. This can be done using steam (Japanese style) or tossed by hand in hot iron pans (Chinese style).

Dragon Well (Organic) Green Tea

Green tea needs to be steeped for only a short amount of time; we recommend 1-2 minutes (some suggest up to four minutes), in good quality water and at a low temperature. We recommend an average of 180-degrees for green tea (Japanese green teas should be between 160 and 180 degrees but Chinese green tea is best between 180 and 185 degrees). You should also decant immediately – meaning remove your infuser from you beverage or fully strain from your Gaiwan quickly.

Gunpowder (organic) Green Tea

You can also infuse your tea more than once by increasing the amount of time you steep by one minute for up to four infusions. Do not increase the temperature of your water though! The scorching of green tea is extremely common and this is why people think green tea is bitter. But green tea is actually sweet by nature when the right components are extracted! When you hold your green tea against a light, it should appear bright, clear, and translucent all the way through.

Sencha (organic)
Sencha (organic) Green Tea

With these tips, you are sure to enjoy a sweet cup of green tea every time!

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