K’Tizo (Ka’Tea Zo)

K’Tizo (Ka’Tea Zo) is the Greek word that literally means new creation or new formation. We have adopted this concept into our approach to tea blending, as well as in our desire to bridge cultural gaps through the education and awareness of various cultures and communities.

Certified tea specialist and Founder Judy Duncan has collected and created a large and unique selection of delicately blended and crafted teas and tisanes. Enjoy a special beverage in the intimacy of your home with K’Tizo’s loose tea options. Rejuvenate with friends at Café K’Tizo . Or meet new acquaintances at one of our community educational and musical events.



K’tizo was founded on these principles:

Honor the Creator in all aspects of business and life.
Promote personal development for all.
Aim for excellence in all that is done.
Connect culturally while creating community.
Grow profitably.


Creating Cross-Cultural Community One Cup at a Time.

Leadership Team

Judy Duncan

Judy Duncan
Founder, Certified Tea Specialist

Judy, our founder, is passionate about tea, enjoying the history and traditions that binds tea and culture together. As a Certified Tea Specialist, Judy has discovered and developed a wide variety of tea, tisanes and blends. Her understanding of distinctive tea cultures, in addition to her graduate work in Intercultural Studies, enhances her ability to facilitate the joyous connection between tea, people and cultures.

Bruce Duncan

Bruce Duncan

Judy’s husband, Bruce, is a CPA and has been an irreplaceable partner as he offers his financial expertise and overwhelming support for Judy’s vision. Bruce also helps ensure the right systems are in place, online and in store, so every K’Tizo customer is a content customer.

Elizabeth Warner

Elizabeth Warner

Elizabeth loves tea, reading, and traveling. Having grown up in Europe, Elizabeth started drinking tea at a young age and values the café culture of long conversations over a cup of tea. She loves to share her favorites while helping people get started on their loose leaf tea journey. She has completed her level 1 & 2 Special Tea Institute certification.

Maureen Keil

Maureen Keil
Kitchen Manager

A couple of years ago Maureen started coming to K’Tizo in search of a great cup of tea and a good place to relax. She is a great cook who manages the kitchen for the Wheaton College Science Station. She especially enjoys cooking food that makes people happy and that they enjoy sharing with each other, and she really loves how the tea, food, and cultural events bring people together here.

Sydney Vischer

Sydney Vischer
Assistant Manager

A Wheaton native, Sydney has a heart for connection and compassion. She is passionate about the opportunities to cross cultures and form bridges that a cup of tea can bring. Whether it’s crafting your favorite drink or helping you discover something new, Sydney finds tremendous joy in serving quality tea and food with a smile. 

We are proud to have some of the best and brightest to serve you at Café K’Tizo. Their appreciation for tea and enthusiasm for our mission can be seen in all that they do!




Giving Back

In keeping with our desire to help people discover ‘new creations,’ when you purchase products from K’Tizo Tea, part of our proceeds go to International Justice Mission IJM is committed to creating a better world by being a voice (and often the physical rescue) for those who are opposed and cannot speak for themselves. Learn more.