Easter Meditation Calendar

This Easter "Box" is filled with 30 thought provoking verses that trace the final week of Jesus' life through to His resurrection. The first meditation begins with a King's unusual entrance, a donkey ride through the city of Jerusalem with people gathering for Passover, and the final meditation leaves us pondering the hope of the resurrection with the disciples.

Each verse, paired with an individually packed filter of loose leaf tea, provides a thought for the day as you comtemplate the Easter story.

The tea is to be steeped & drank during a time of meditation. Drinking tea brings a sense of both alertness & calm and steeping tea takes time, which encourages a slower pace & requires one to be present, enhancing meditation. 

The process can be done before or after Easter, or a combination of both. We hope you find the Easter message more meaningful as you steep in this 30-day Easter meditation. 

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