Tea of the season

The perfect gift for tea lovers, introducing someone to the wonderful world of tea or a special year long gift for yourself.

Choose a package from our five listed options and we'll send two 2  oz teas at a time on March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1 starting on the date nearest to your order. The first shipment will include a green tin (pictured) and the popular Foating Basket Infuser. Free Shipping



March: Strawberry Green Fields, Fruitful

June: Indian Summer, Coconut Quench

September: Cran. Orange Rooi,Coconut Chai 

December: Cinnamon Spice, Moroccan Mint 


True Tea Stand Alone (This package includes two premium teas each shipment - totaling 8 teas per year):

March: 1st Flush Darjeeling, Gunpowder (org)

June: Ti Kwan Yin (org), White Peony (org)  

September: Ceylon (org), Dragonwell (org)

December: Nilgiri (org), Formosa Oolong 


True Tea  (4 stand alone, 4blends):

March:Gunpowder (org), Blueberry Black organic

June: Lapsang Souchong, Peachy Summer Fun 

September: Jasmine green,  Darjeeling Sungma Estate

December: Ceylon, Almond Delight


Black Tea:

March: After Dinner Mint, Earl Grey

June: Peaches-N-Cream, Keemun (org),

September: Monk’s Blend, Bengali Chai

December: Hazelnut, Vanilla Crème



March: Almond Rooi, Polynesian Paradise 

June: African Savannah, Straw. Kiwi Quench

September: Nicy Spicy Rooi, Indian Summer 

December: Berry Rooibos, Cran-Apple Crush,


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